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Valued clients of Bellevue Rare Coins,

Effective July 1, 2015, we have renamed West Seattle Coins to Bellevue Rare Coins in a branding effort to cohere the location with our two Bellevue Rare Coins stores in Bellevue and Lynnwood. With this name change we pledge to maintain the same family-owned northwest brand since our grand opening in 1979. This consolidation will not result in business model adjustments or employee changes, and Bellevue Rare Coins of West Seattle will remain a valuable location to bring in your valuables to be sold or appraised by expert staff, namely gold, silver, diamonds, watches and jewelry.

West Seattle Coins was founded in The West Seattle Junction by Pat Hoolahan in 1979 out of the very same location that is utilized today. Following its launch, it was temporarily run by [Pat’s sister-in-law ] Beverly Dinger, who added an emphasis of antiques dealing to the business plan, before it was ultimately acquired by [Pat’s nephew ] Ryan, who shifted the focus back from antiques to the dealing of the commodities on which West Seattle Coins was founded – coins, precious metals and jewelry.

The recent gold and silver boom brought tremendous business to the company, coupled with CBS-affiliated local news station KIRO-TV’s undercover gold buying report which produced results that dubbed West Seattle Coins as the premier site to bring in gold. This success was felt and led to the launch of Bellevue Rare Coins and Bellevue Rare Coins Lynnwood stores.

With a staff of GIA (Gemological Institute of America) accredited professionals and knowledgeable numismatists, Bellevue Rare Coins has grown to be a well-known name in the Pacific Northwest. The growth of the business brings expanded hours of operation and the three locations are now open seven days a week from 10am to 7pm. Bellevue Rare Coins invites you to “discover the hidden treasures of the Northwest” by visiting any of its three locations, where the owners promise the discovery of wonderful, unique jewelry and rare coins that consumers will not find anywhere else.

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